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"The Ring"
People Desperate merchant full.png
Vizima dike
Desperate merchant
100 oren(s) + 2500 XP

Secondary quest

The Ring is an optional quest in Chapter III which Γκέραλτ can undertake when he meets a desperate merchant on the dike who is trying to retrieve a family heirloom from the corpse of his uncle in the swamp forest.


Quest Items Family ring.png

There is a "desperate merchant" on the Vizima dike after Chapter II has been completed. Talk to him and he will ask you to retrieve a family ring. You can find the ring on a dead body in the swamp, directly behind the Shrine of Melitele (to the north-west) on a tiny bloedzuiger-infested island. Return with the family ring, and you get your reward.

Additionally, if you have already been to the swamp, you may well have the ring in your possession already, in which case you are done then and there.


  • If you had the ring in your possession before starting the quest, you do not lose any XP. The 500 XP for picking up the ring is simply awarded when you complete the quest instead.


The Ring[]

I promised to retrieve an ancestral ring belonging to the merchant I met at the dike. The ring was on his uncle's finger while said uncle was devoured by swamp monsters. I have to rent a boat from the ferryman and head for the swamps. I must go to the swamps and find the ring.

Additional Information[]

The uncle's body, and thus in all probability the ring as well, should lie next to Melitele's chapel in the swamps. I will find the missing ring in the swamp, near the shrine of Melitele.

Lost Property[]

I found the ancestral ring belonging to the merchant from the Dike. I should return it to him. I will meet him on the Dike. I should give the ring to my employer on the Dike. (500 XP)


I gave the ancestral ring to its owner and cashed in a 100 orens. I received my payment. (100 oren(s) + 2000 XP)