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Image Name Effect Buy Sell
Clawer Wounds and causes bleeding. 30 – 55 51 oren(s) 3 oren(s)
Fury Causes foes to attack each other. 1 – 5 51 oren(s) 3 oren(s)
Biter Wounds with shrapnel. 10 – 30 51 oren(s) 3 oren(s)
Talgar winter
Talgar winter Slows foes down. 20 – 30 76 oren(s) 4 oren(s)
Conflagration Incinerates foes and detonates other traps within range. 20 – 50 76 oren(s) 4 oren(s)
Snare Wounds and causes bleeding. 30 – 50 26 oren(s) 2 oren(s)
Harpy trap
Harpy trap Effective against harpies. N/A 101 oren(s) 6 oren(s)
Kayran trap
Kayran trap Effective against a kayran. N/A oren(s) 0 oren(s)
Nekker trap
Nekker trap Effective against nekkers. Possibly not found in the game N/A oren(s) oren(s)
Used trap
a used trap No longer usable N/A 10 oren(s) 2 oren(s)