Torch Guardian

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Torch Guardian

This NPC can be found in and near the slums of Temple Quarter at night, carrying a torch to lamps, lighting them. Most lamps are found in the slums, but not all. For example there is one at the guard post that he likes to light. He lives next to the warehouse, his house door however, is not interactable.

While he adds to the game's atmosphere, he has no known role in quests or the story.

He tends to get stuck right after lighting a lamp. Talk to him and he'll proceed to the next, randomly selected lamp. Moreover, if you talk to him near or right in front of his house, before he had a chance to light anything, he will walk back home and despawn. But the lamps will magically light themselves after a while.

His various chat lines are:

  • I hope they don't get wet.
  • Traipsing around, lighting lanterns…
  • I thought I was the only one working.
  • Finishing up and hitting the sack.
  • Some stay awake so that others may sleep.
  • Plow this, I'd rather collect garbage.
  • Done with.
  • Well, you keep busy.
  • Damn, he'll extinguish everything.
  • Help me!
  • Spare me! I merely light lanterns!
  • Back up or get hit with this torch!

Yes, he can be killed. (Don't do it near guards.) But he only drops Temerian spirit, not the Πυρσού he's carrying.

When talked to, he says one of the following lines and then proceeds to the next lamp to be lit:

  • A medic recommended I take long walks, so I took this job.
  • People like me illuminate the blackness of this age.
  • I could use an escort some of the places I go.
  • You shouldn't linger here.
  • I enjoy this job.

No other behavior has been observed.