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Εικόνα Όνομα Συστατικά Δράση
Insectoid Oil Insectoid oil Hydragenum Rebis Increases damage to insectoids.


Εικόνα Όνομα Συστατικά Δράση
Samum Samum Aether Rebis Stuns and immobilizes all enemies in range.
Grapeshot Grapeshot Rebis Caelum After detonating wounds all enemies in range with shrapnel.
Devil's puffball Devil's puffball Caelum Quebrith Releases a cloud of poison gas.
Dancing star Dancing star Vitriol Aether Explodes with fire and wounds enemies.
dragon’s Dream Dragon's Dream Aether Vermilion Releases a cloud of flammable gas.
Firefly Zerrikanian sun Rebis Vitriol Blinds and immobilizes all enemies in range.
Flare Flare Vermilion Caelum Illuminates the surrounding area when detonated.
Stenchbulb Stenchbulb Hydragenum Aether Releases a foul-smelling cloud that decreases the statistics of all enemies within it.