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Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni
Wiedźmin Gra WyobraźniHD.png
Cover of the main rulebook
Michał Marszalik, Maciej Nowak-Kreyer, Michał Studniarek, Tomasz Kreczmar
Jarosław Musiał, Tomasz Fruń, Tomasz Kreczmar
Piotr Czerkas, Tomasz Łaz, Jarosław Musiał, Paweł Moszczyński
Wydawnictwo MAG
Publication date
pen-and-paper role-playing game
2-4 players and gamemaster
Age range

Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni (The Witcher: A Game of Imagination) is a Polish pen-and-paper role-playing game based on Andrzej Sapkowski's σειράς The Witcher, written by Michał Marszalik, Maciej Nowak-Kreyer, Michał Studniarek and Tomasz Kreczmar, and published by MAG. It was mostly based on the books themselves, although some of the details, as well as the cover and some of the interior illustrations, were taken from The Hexer movie.


Main expansions[]

  • Gra Wyobraźni: Czas Pogardy. Wojny z Nilfgaardem (A Game of Imagination: Times of Contempt. War with Nilfgaard) - expansion describes history of Nothern Wars and political situation after invasion; Nilfgaardian Empire; imperial religion of the Great Sun; Scoia'tael; Hengfors League; guerrillas, gangs and bounty hunters.
  • Gra Wyobraźni: Miecz Przeznaczenia. Pokonać fatum (A Game of Imagination: Το Ξίφος του Πεπρωμένου. Defeat fate) - expansion contain campaign "Το Ξίφος του Πεπρωμένου: Defeat fate" - history of princess Frissanna, dotter of Maribor's prince Jurkast, cousin of temerian king Foltest. Expansion also describes cult oft Coram Agh Ter; countess Kalitea Glibenese, secret leader of Lionhead Spider in region of Vizima; group of asassins called "Masters of Cutting" founded by Kalitea.

Biały Wilk (White Wolf) magazine[]

  • Biały Wilk 1 (White Wolf 1): All about dryads - focusing on the dryads living in Brokilon; provides the rules for creating a dryad, expanded rules for the use of bows (ie maneuvers), presents a new form of magic - The magic of trees and includes adventure "Wolves of Brokilon"
  • Biały Wilk 2 (White Wolf 2): Mysteries of Novigrad - describes the city of Novigrad city and provides the history of the city, a description of the main sites and elevations and a map.
  • Biały Wilk 3 (White Wolf 3): The royal secret service - focuses on types of spies, describes the political situation of the world and its intelligence services. Includes the adventure "The spy that was not."
  • A fourth expansion, Biały Wilk 4 was planned but never released.

Characters mentioned in game[]

In main rulebook[]

  • Hugon of Napeys - founder and first Grand Master of the Order of the White Rose
  • Cormac - a Μάγιστρος
  • Perignon - mage
  • Jezkier - bard

In expansions[]

  • Thommas Kretschmar gnome, inventor living in Novigrad
  • prince Jurkast of Maribor, cousin of king Foltest
  • princess Frisanna, daughter of Jurkast
  • countess Kalitea Glibenese, secret leader of the Lionhead Spider cult in the region of Vizima
  • Saulrenith
  • Merineaevelth
  • Alveaenerle

Gods & religions[]

Main religions[]

in Nothern Kingdoms:[]

  • cult of Kreve
  • cult of Melitele

in Nilfgaardian Empire:[]

  • cult of Great Sun





  • Images from the game are found here.
  • The Witcher computer game is not based on Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni in any way, and contradicts it in some of the details.

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