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Icon disambig.svg This article is about the first Polish book of short stories, now out of print. For other uses of Ο Μάγιστρος, see Ο Μάγιστρος.
Wiedzmin Reporter.jpg
Πληροφορίες Έκδοσης
Ημερομηνία Κυκλοφορίας
Wiedźmin. REPORTER, 1990
Short story collection
No English translation
83-85189-01-7 (Polish ed.)
Season of Storms
Η Τελευταία Ευχή

Wiedźmin (Polish: The Witcher) is the first book of Andrzej Sapkowski to be published in Poland (published by REPORTER in 1990, now out of print). All of the short stories featuring Μάγιστρος Γκέραλτ της Ρίβια contained in this book were later published (with three additional stories added) in The Last Wish collection that replaced Wiedźmin as the first part of the σειράς The Witcher and made this book obsolete. It is currently out of print. Aside from the witcher stories, this book also contains "Droga, z której się nie wraca", a story about Γκέραλτ's mother, Visenna, which takes place decades before the Witcher stories. This story, while not included in The Last Wish, was later published in the Κάτι Τελειώνει, Κάτι Αρχίζει collection.

Stories included[]


The same set of stories was published in 1993 in Czech as Stříbrný meč (The Silver Sword). For other translations of stories contained in Wiedźmin, see: Η Τελευταία Ευχή.

  • Flag czech.png Czech: Stříbrný meč, (Winston Smith, 1992)

Other language editions[]

Η σειρά The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski
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