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Witcher's steel sword
Sword Witcher's Steel Blade.png
A steel sword used to fight humans. Ineffective against most monsters. Used in witcher combat styles.
steel sword
Ζημία is governed by currently applied enhancements

Επίθεση is governed by attack style
Defense is governed by defense skills

200 oren(s)
40 oren(s)

The Witcher's Steel Blade is one of the steel swords that Γκέραλτ receives at the beginning of the game, during the Πρόλογος‎ (the very first being a rusty sword).

Although it is used primarily against humans and reportedly has little effect on monsters, Γκέραλτ is able to fight off most monsters during the early stages of the game using only this sword.

In the Prologue, Vesemir mentions that witchers have good cold steel. The best improvement for this sword is to have a meteorite sword forged.