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Zephyr is a named drowned dead haunting the waters of Παραλίμνιο and Θολά Νερά. According to the Naiad, Zephyr was "once one of Vizima's most famous thieves" in life. However, on his last escape attempt through the sewers, his loot proved so heavy and his greed so great that he drowned trying to keep it all, but his habits survived death. Somehow, he ended up at the Παραλίμνιο (I suppose the sewers must empty somewhere... but beautiful Lake Vizima?), and became the leader of the drowners there.

His theft of the Naiad's turquoise necklace is behind the Naiad's request, when Γκέραλτ first meets her at the Παραλίμνιο at the beginning of Chapter IV.


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