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A couple of questions about TW3[modifica sorgente]

Hi, after more than a year I'm finally back. I noticed a couple of things regarding Witcher 3:

  • On this wiki the title was translated to "TW3: Caccia Selvaggia", but here in Italy the game is called "TW3: Wild Hunt". I tried to rename the page but it tells me the name is already used (searching The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt redirects to "Caccia Selvaggia"). Is there any way to correct? Or I just have to swap the contents of the two pages? Also the template "tw3" says "Caccia Selvaggia" but I cannot edit it. Can you correct it, please?
  • The other question in truth is no question at all :P It's more like an idea (probably a stupid one). It's about continuity in the various pages (I read about it here). You suggested to switch to tw3 > tw2 > tw1 because "people are most likely to be looking up information on the latest game, not the oldest". Is there no way to leave it in chronological order and put something like a list on top, similar to a TOC? Something simple, just the three games in a row: clicking on a game redirects to the corresponding section. All of this because I think is kinda strange to read about the various characters starting with the end of their story.

Thank you and sorry if my english isn't perfect :) —— TheChief914 (discussioni) 13:13, 24 lug 2017 (UTC)

I've gone through the wiki and changed all the references i can find from TW3: Caccia Selvaggia to TW3: Wild Hunt. As for the chronology, you are most welcome to do it any way you want on this wiki. On the english wiki (where i reign supreme :D ) it will remain as i have changed it (newest first) — Game widow (Discussioni utente ) 17:00, 24 lug 2017 (UTC)
Perfect, thank you very much! —— TheChief914 (discussioni) 17:05, 24 lug 2017 (UTC)

Missing infoboxlocation[modifica sorgente]

Sorry, I didn't know how to call this :P Anyway, I noticed that there are only two infoboxes regarding locations: one about the places appearing in the books (this one), and the other about places appearing in TW3 (this one). I looked around on the english wiki and saw that Infoboxlocation is about the places appearing in TW1, and for the book there is Infoboxlocationbook. I was thinking about renaming the first one to "Infoboxluogolibro" to conform it to the english wiki, but I'm afraid of doing a mess. Should I create a new one called "Infoboxluogo1" for the game? —— TheChief914 (discussioni) 13:28, 25 lug 2017 (UTC)

Sure, i will make those for you — Game widow (Discussioni utente ) 14:17, 25 lug 2017 (UTC)
Thank you! —— TheChief914 (discussioni) 14:22, 25 lug 2017 (UTC)
{{Infoboxluogo1}}, {{Infoboxluogo2}} and {{Infoboxluogolibro}} are all set — Game widow (Discussioni utente ) 22:56, 25 lug 2017 (UTC)
Thank you, I'll start updating the pages right away —— TheChief914 (discussioni) 12:06, 26 lug 2017 (UTC)
Remember, that for "red" links in english, i am running automated processes to change those to Italian — Game widow (Discussioni utente ) 12:14, 26 lug 2017 (UTC)
Yesterday I translated a couple of pages, changing red links "manually" (i went on the english version, looked at the various links and to the pages they pointed to). It's a bit long but it works. Shoud I wait for this process to end? —— TheChief914 (discussioni) 12:19, 26 lug 2017 (UTC)
It's not a problem if you do make the changes manually, but it will save you time if you just let the automated processes do it for you. I am working my way down this listGame widow (Discussioni utente ) 12:50, 26 lug 2017 (UTC)

Deleting "herbalist hut"[modifica sorgente]

Sorry if I have deleted that page but the content was identical to Capanna isolata (Lande Ventose). Next time I'll try to be sure it is a duplicate before deleting. —— TheChief914 (discussioni) 17:49, 30 ott 2017 (UTC)

No problem — Game widow (Discussioni utente ) 18:32, 30 ott 2017 (UTC)

Wiki's name[modifica sorgente]

Hello Game Widow, I noticed that the wiki's name displayed in the title bar is "Ufficiale Witcher Wiki". In italian it should be "Witcher Wiki ufficiale", though. Is there any way to change it? —— TheChief914 (discussioni) 16:46, 6 feb 2019 (UTC)

Yep! i'll fix that right away — Game widow (Discussioni utente ) 17:27, 6 feb 2019 (UTC)
Fixed, and for future reference, it is governed by MediaWiki:Pagetitle-view-mainpage‎ and MediaWiki:PagetitleGame widow (Discussioni utente ) 17:28, 6 feb 2019 (UTC)
Thank you very much! —— TheChief914 (discussioni) 19:19, 6 feb 2019 (UTC)

Wiki's tabs aren't working[modifica sorgente]

Hello Game Widow, in the last couple of days the various tabs in the wiki stopped working for me (for example those on the main page or those used for the image in Mostro di Tufo). This problem appears only on the italian one though (the english and french ones, for example, work fine). Is it some known issue or it's just my browser that's acting up? —— TheChief914 (discussioni) 18:30, 18 apr 2019 (UTC)

There was an issue for tabs that had a period in the tab name, but that should have been resolved — Game widow (Discussioni utente ) 19:58, 18 apr 2019 (UTC)
Strange, I tried looking at the wiki using Edge and it works perfectly. There's probably some issue with my version of Chrome, I'll try to update/reinstall it. Thanks for your help —— TheChief914 (discussioni) 15:25, 19 apr 2019 (UTC)
I tested that same page on Chrome, Edge and Firefox and i have no issues. You may also have some cached data, so try clearing that — Game widow (Discussioni utente ) 16:13, 19 apr 2019 (UTC)

Cannot create new pages[modifica sorgente]

Hello Game Widow, today I tried to create the page Phillip Strenger but strangely, the wiki said i couldn't and an error about a "security rule violated: large spam pages" showed up. There's something that can be done about it?

This is the full error message:

Errore: Questa azione è stata ritenuta pericolosa e quindi impedita in base a una verifica automatica. Se si ritiene che l'azione in questione sia costruttiva, contattare un amministratore e informarlo su ciò che si stava tentando di fare. Questa è una breve descrizione della regola di sicurezza che è stata violata: Large spam pages'

—— TheChief914 (discussioni) 11:57, 28 set 2019 (UTC)

Apologies, this is a short term issue (it should already be resolved), but we needed to lock wikis to editing while a background process was running. Thing should be back to normal now, but do let me know if there are still issues — Game widow (Discussioni utente ) 13:10, 28 set 2019 (UTC)
It works perfectly now. Thank you! —— TheChief914 (discussioni) 15:35, 28 set 2019 (UTC)