La caduta di Hubert Balaste

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La caduta di Hubert Balaste
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This book can be purchased from the Camerlengo ducale. Other Delle copie di questo libro possono essere trovate nei seguenti luoghi:

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In the sun-drenched duchy of Toussaint, near the Coronata vineyard, lay the estate of Baronet Hubert Balaste, an honorable knight in the service of Duchess Ademarta. Hubert served as a knight errant for many years and vows were his greatest delight. He swore to do things so grand they curdled blood of other knights. The duchess finally recognized his courage and not only awarded him with an honorary title, but also granted him land. Hubert thus had a place of his own on which to settle down and wait till his time came with dignity. He could find himself a wife and sire descendants as befits every self-respecting hero.
Unfortunately, once he had lain down his sword and shield, Baronet Balaste began to seek other diversions. And so he indulged in games of card and dice – and at times even bet on dog fights. Then, one day, when fortune abandoned him, he decided to bet not one or two gold pouches, but in fact his family’s entire estate. And he lost. Everything. To add to this already unhappy state of affairs, Hubert Balaste, who was not one to take defeat lightly, flew into a fit of blind passion, donned his armor and enlisted at once. Fortune alas smiled no more favorably upon him at war than it did at play, and an arrow found its way to Hubert’s leg. Then he died of gangrene.