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Note: This is not the latest patch, but your installation must include this patch (or be Enhanced Edition of The Witcher) in order to apply the newest patch. The latest patch is here. Versions of the patch 1.4 downloaded before August 2011 will not work.

This links to information on how to upgrade from the original version to the Enhanced Edition of The Witcher. The patch is cumulative and contains all updates included in the previous patches.

Download links (Patch 1.4 or Enhanced Edition)

Sites Ads Waiting time
Offical Page None None
Sciagnij.pl None 10 seconds or instant (Free)
Rapidshare.com None 45 seconds or instant (Premium)
Direct link (Mirror) - -

File integrity[edit | edit source]

To check the integrity of downloaded files, one can use an MD5 hash to calculate the MD5sum of the downloaded file and compare it with a known good sum. Below is a table of known good MD5sums (the list will be fleshed out shortly):

Filename MD5sum
TWEE_Upgrade.exe (August 2011) 393B4783F2D6B906A6EAEA3D927B4A92
TWEE_Upgrade.exe (Bad, pre-August 2011) 9ddbb3baf43c8a7236ce1c2e3c038249
TWEE_English_language_pack.exe 21e96ffd871db9797830313f5380271a
TWEE_adventure_The_Price_of_Neutrality.exe f9802e7447bfb080e8f061d9acf47db5
TWEE_adventure_Side_Effects.exe d811cd48e0e0b159ae4ecf977055de5c
TWEE_Polish_language_pack.exe 4FBF98976639866FD2DA35EAC7AEBE5A
TWEE_German_language_pack.exe 13EB798770B4E4AE461190A816A4799E
TWEE_Spanish_language_pack.exe B1BF8EC36F6974D1183047C6B8F54C4E
TWEE_Italian_language_pack.exe 7CC49D43B94370D51AE9216896669DBF
TWEE_French_language_pack.exe E396873D7229CABCF59E8DBF8A7D2349
TWEE_Russian_language_pack.exe 5E1137C01E0C30D0119668A68F5BF3D2
TWEE_Hungarian_language_pack.exe 4CEA3BADABEBE4D4A3CA74491AEACAC2
TWEE_Czech_language_pack.exe DA23CAE982B9793BC772F4F3065311BE
TWEE_EAX_HotFix_2.3.exe 276b4babe10caa335a4d571937b2bfe0

There are many tools that can calculate an MD5sum, for reference one can use the freely available MD5-Checksum by Nero because it lets you specify a known good MD5sum and it automatically compares it with the MD5sum calculated from your chosen file.

Verification process[edit | edit source]

Note: Please note that step-by-step description of the verification process has been moved to the latest patch page.