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"A Gnomish Device"
Places Old Mine crypt.png
Old Vizima
Old mine
Dwarven blacksmith
9000 XP
Hope Burns Bright
Items Squirrel tail.png Secondary quest

A Gnomish Device is a quest in Chapter V which Geralt undertakes if he chooses the Scoia'tael path. In this quest, he must find the bifunctional fiber and alloy recirculator in order to recreate Raven's armour.


Quest Items Recirculator.png

After battling his way into Old Vizima and making sure Shani is fine, Geralt can then start exploring and it is not long before he finds the old forge where the dwarven blacksmith who is busily making and repairing armour and weapons for the Scoia'tael fighting in the streets. The witcher asks him if he can re-make Raven's armour. The blacksmith says he can, but only if he has the right pieces. He needs a bifunctional fiber and alloy recirculator and a few other pieces.

This strange mechanism is in an ancient crypt somewhere under the old mine in the swamp cemetery. After battling kikimores, fleders and ghouls, our hero will have to use a Wayfarer's stone hidden in a side corridor of the mine to access the crypt. The stone requires a series of three signs to open: Igni, then Igni again, followed by Aard. Our hero needs to stand not too far from the stone for signs to function properly, otherwise they won't trigger it.

Once inside, he will be set upon by alps, bruxae, wraiths, cemetaurs and fleders on the way to his goal, which is found in a dwarven trunk. Once the item has been secured, he simply needs to go back to the dwarven blacksmith with the part. Well OK, he will also need to get the notes of an elven minstrel, the remains of Raven's Armor and another piece of armor to actually seal the deal.


Igni Igni Aard


All the Pieces[]

The dwarf blacksmith told me to bring him pieces of both Raven's armor and the armor of a knight of the De Ruyter dynasty, then notes of an elven minstrel, and a bifunctional alloy and steel fiber recirculator. I'll find these items in the swamp cemetery. The ancient gnomish underground areas can be accessed through an old mine. Inside it, there is a stone at which I need to cast two fire spells and one air spell. I must go to the swamp cemetery and find all the items required to create the armor.

The Bifunctional Recirculator[]

I have the bifunctional alloy and steel fiber recirculator... I need to deliver it and the other pieces for the armor to the blacksmith. I should get the bifunctional recirculator and the other elements for the armor to the blacksmith. (9000 XP)