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Icon disambig.svg This article is about the quest from The Witcher 2. For the quest from The Witcher 3, see A Matter of Life and Death (The Witcher 3).
"A Matter of Life and Death"
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Chapter II
Hatred Symbolized
Royal Blood
Subterranean Life
The War Council

A Matter of Life and Death is a quest in Chapter II of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.


Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

Saskia has been poisoned and is barely clinging to life. Philippa Eilhart has given a list for items she'll need to cure her. The items needed are the following:

Significant plot details end here.

Journal entry[]

As you already know, Saskia, known to those who loved her as the Virgin of Aedirn and to those close to King Henselt as "That Insolent Wench", had been poisoned. There are numerous stories about how the witcher cured the girl, how he climbed a glass mountain and placed a healing kiss on her carmine lips. Well, none of those are true. Several unusual ingredients were needed to prepare the antidote, that is, a rose of remembrance, a dragon's dream, an immortelle and royal blood. The witcher began his search for these ingredients.
And when the witcher gathered all the ingredients, he headed for Philippa Eilhart's house with them.