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"A Restless Ghost"
Cemetery gates
Hildegard Zollstock
200 oren(s) + 2500 XP

Secondary quest

A Restless Ghost is an optional quest in Chapter II which Geralt can take if he speaks with a widow outside the Vizima cemetery.


One fine day, around noon, Geralt notices a distraught woman standing outside the cemetery gates. It seems that the widow, Hildegard Zollstock, is being haunted by the ghost of her recently deceased husband. Worse still, he is spreading vicious gossip about her and ruining her reputation. She mentions that she would be willing to pay the witcher to deal with her little problem, discretely.

The witcher agrees. He then asks her when and where he can collect his payment for a job which will no doubt be swiftly and well done. She insists on meeting him only outside the graveyard, away from prying eyes and only at noon. He grudgingly accepts her conditions.

Geralt decides to check in around midnight, at the same location. As expected, he finds a wraith, presumably Mr. Zollstock indeed busily shouting unsavoury comments about his wife. Although the ghost is not initially hostile, the witcher is unable to make him stop slandering his better half so a fight ensues. The wraith is dispatched.

The following day, at noon, Geralt arrives outside the graveyard and collects his payment from a rather minimally grateful Hildegard.


  • The quest log is somewhat inaccurate here because the ghost is at the exact same location where you encounter Hildegard, only at midnight. So it does not matter whether the cemetery gate is open or not.
  • It is possible that you encounter her husband's ghost (a wraith) before you meet Hildegard (depending how much wandering around you do), but do not worry, killing him before you meet her does not void the quest, and in fact, it saves time as you can get the quest and collect the reward in the same conversation.


The Husband's Ghost[]

Hildegard asked me to deal [with] the case of her late husband. His ghost is said to appear in the cemetery at midnight. I have to send him into the beyond. I have to go near the cemetery at midnight and send the ghost into the great beyond.


I sent the ghost of Hildegard's husband into the beyond. I have to see the widow about my payment. I will find her at the cemetery at noon. I have to see the widow to collect my payment. I'll find her at the cemetery at noon. (500 XP)

The Money[]

The woman wanted to cheat me, but I got my money in the end. The woman wanted to cheat me, but I got my money in the end. (200 oren(s) + 2000 XP)