A mother's letter

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A mother's letter
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Quest items
Common item
Looted from Little Red's corpse
Base price
Price to buy
1 crown(s)
Price to sell
1 crown(s)
0 weight

This can only be obtained if Geralt chooses to fight and kill Little Red.

Associated quest[edit | edit source]

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

Dearest Lilly,
If you are reading this, that means both your father and I are dead. I have asked Egward to give you this letter only when it is certain neither of us will return.
A great deal happened while you were away at the Academy. One of your father’s ships sank and we fell into debt. I did not write you then because I did not want to worry you, did not want you to return – your education and future are what matters most to us. Our creditors began to call in our loans and refused to accept payment in installments. When we were forced to admit we could not return the entire sum, they swore to destroy us. Some thugs began following our every step, never letting us out of their sight. It was only a matter of time before the family secret was discovered. They directed the witch hunters to us and we were thrown in the dungeon. I heard the guards gossiping about how we are to have a show trial – and a show execution. I gave one my wedding ring and he agreed to allow Egward to visit us. Your father wishes to give him some final instructions and I want to give him this letter - our last, unexpected farewell.
Be strong, my sweet, for in your veins flows the blood of men and wolves, and with that comes responsibility. I forbid you to avenge us. That will not bring us life, and will only bring you the executioner’s axe. You cannot die, not in that way. You must prove with your life and conduct that men and lycanthropes can live together in harmony. Leave town as soon as possible. Take only what is necessary, say farewell to no one, do not show yourself in public. Journey to where we used to hunt when you were a young girl and brace for the worst. The people there surely do not remember us, but they are good, simple villagers – they will treat you with kindness. Let us hope the madness of this persecution will soon end and you will be able to return home. In the meantime, take care of yourself and do not let them provoke you. Remember who you are and do not let anyone convince you that is something evil – this is how you were born and you should be proud of it. Live for us. We love you.