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Abigail, a witch in The Witcher computer game
Coram Agh Tera (possibly)
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Outskirts, Murky Waters

Abigail is a witch who lives on the outskirts of Vizima. She is not well-liked by the villagers and gets blamed for many bad or strange occurrences. Her main skill is alchemy, so though the villagers approach her with suspicion, they also rely on her for potions and poisons-which she provides, rarely bothering with questions or moral objections.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

In the course of Chapter I, Abigail takes in the orphaned Alvin after Geralt saves him from the barghests as Shani can not care for him from an inn. She also facilitates a trance where the boy reveals more about the beast and its minions who are plaguing the village.

Geralt can buy a blade coating formula from her that makes it easier to battle spectres and ghosts. In fact, she buys and sells quite a few things:

Abigail might also secretly be a member of the Cult of the Lionhead Spider: this is hinted at if Geralt chooses to leave her fate to the villagers. She curses the witcher in the name of Coram Agh Ter. Whether this means she is also responsible for the misdeeds of the other villagers is unclear. One of the charges levelled at her by the merchant Odo is that she influenced him and caused him to kill his brother, a charge she denies, but there is a suspicious doll of his likeness in her hut.

Associated quests[]

Journal Entry[]

"A witch named Abigail lives in a village in the Outskirts. Though the villagers buy herbs and potions from her, she also faces much hostility."
If Geralt saves Abigail from the mob:
The Reverend informed the congregation that Abigail had uttered the Curse of the Hellhound and the witch was surrounded by an angry mob. I decided that she did not deserve to die, and saved her from being lynched. Abigail left the Outskirts for good.
I met Abigail again in the village of Murky Waters. The witch still trades in herbs and potions.
If Geralt leaves Abigail to be lynched:
The Reverend informed the congregation that Abigail had uttered the Curse of the Hellhound and the witch was surrounded by an angry mob. I decided not to interfere in the shadowy internal affairs of the Outskirts. The witch was burned at the stake just after I left.


  • Abigail took Alvin under her wing after the demise of his foster mother, Caroline.
  • Abigail is in possession of Berengar's notes on the Beast.
  • A vial of Specter Oil can be looted from her corpse on the occasion of her death.
  • If Abigail is spared at the end of Chapter I, she will take the healer's place in Chapter IV, just outside of the inn.
  • If Abigail was lynched, The Heat of the Day quest will play out differently.
  • The healer in Chapter IV tells Geralt that he shed innocent blood — that of Abigail — by not saving her.
  • In Baptism of Fire, the speech made by the local priest is virtually identical to the speech delivered by the Reverend in the Outskirts when the villagers try to lynch Abigail.
Significant plot details end here.