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Book. Contains all available knowledge on dragons
gift from Newboy
Price to buy
201 – 251 oren(s)
Price to sell
11 oren(s)
weight 0

Newboy gives this book to Geralt after the witcher escapes from the dungeon during the Prologue saying that it will be of more use to the witcher than himself.

Journal entry[]

Dragons were once commonplace, their rule over the continent absolute. Dragon fire was the bane of cities, and dragon appetites were a constant threat to the first colonizers. Mages stood against these creatures, witchers were created to fight them. Today dragons are nearly extinct. There are occasional sightings of forktails and slyzards, but these creatures are to dragons as stray cats are to tigers. Dragons were brought to the brink of extinction by professional hunters like the famed Crinfrid Reavers. Alchemy ingredients from the dragon's body are among the most expensive and highly sought after by mages. The beast's roasted tail is considered a true delicacy.