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Adalia the Seer, was the daughter of Muriel the Lovely Harlot and count Robert of Garramone.

She was befriended with many of sorceresses from Aretuza, among others famous Tissaia de Vries. But Adalia herself did not want to be a sorceress - she chose a different career.

Queen of Temeria was then Bienvenu La Louve. Prince Consort at her side was Ragbard, Duke of Ellander. That marriage was dissolved after a short time - a rumor circulated that duke Ragbard was more interested in men's games, and totally failed to live up to the queen's expectations in the bedchamber. Many a libelous song was sung on the subject.

And suddenly the rumours died down, because the Duke started meeting with delightful Adalia, Count of Garramone's daughter. Shortly thereafter the pompous wedding took place. And half a year later, Ragbard was dead - the gossip had it he had overdosed medicaments supporting the sexual potency. And the widow Adalia was promoted from the Countess to the Duchess.

And she devoted herself to political life.

Queen Bienvenu was afraid of Adalia's intrigues (deservedly!), so she quickly at an early date arranged a marriage of Duchess with a little younger than her Dagorad, Prince of Cintra. Kingdom of Cintra, ruled then by King Corbett, broke down relations with Verden, Aedirn, Lyria and Nazair and needed the aliance and dynastic union with mighty Temeria. Even if the ambitions of Corbett and Dagorad were higher than ordinary duchess and widow in addition, they had no choice but accept the Bienvenu's offer: Adalia.

By such measures Adalia "the Seer" became at first Princess, and later Queen of Cintra. And this is the way why the fateful incest came to fruition - Dagorad and Adalia were in fact related. The real (though concealed) Adalia's grandfather, Amavet, and goby of Dagorad, Fiona, was the twin siblings. And the foremother of both Adalia and Dagorad was elven sorceress Lara Dorren aep Shiadhal, a carrier of enigmatic gene.

Gene, that in mysterious ways exploded later in the person of Adalia's great-granddaughter, Cirilla called Ciri.

Adalia quite a few times showed off her magical skills. It is unclear how much truth contains a repeatedly cited gossip about the "raising a drawbridge with a twitch of her eyebrows", but it is certain that "Seer-Queen" possessed not bad sorcerous and prophetic skills. Despite of her awing, in relation to her loved ones Adalia was rather mild and sympathetic, and her wedlock with Dagorad was lucky. The fruition of their relationship, Princess Calanthe, was beloved and pampered.

"Her grandmother, Adalia, could raise a drawbridge with a twitch of her eyebrows."
— pg(s). 51, The Last Wish (UK edition)

After death of her second husband, Adalia rejected the proposals for regency until - alternatively - another marrying or marry off young Calanthe. She left the country and settled down in Thanedd Isle, in Tissaia de Vries' school. There, still without becoming the full-fledged magician, died in old age.

Before her death, Adalia came back to Cintra only once - when, from a marriage of her granddaughter Pavetta with Duny, Ciri was born. Allegedly the long and tempestuous dialogue between Adalia and Calanthe occurred then - but no one has learned the matter of this interlocution.

Notes[ | ]

  • Crach an Craite saw Geas Muire, the Madness of the Sea, three times: after death of Adalia, after death of Calanthe and after death of Pavetta, Ciri's mother.