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Kingdom of Aedirn
Flag Aedirn.svg COA Aedirn.svg
Flag Coat of Arms
Official language
Common Speech
Form of government
independent kingdom /
conquered by Nilfgaardian Empire (prior to events in The Witcher 3)
Head of State
King Demavend III
Geographical position
Places Aedirn.png
Detail of the The Witcher map

Aedirn is one of the Northern Kingdoms. Its neighbours are Kaedwen, Redania, Temeria, Mahakam, Lyria and Rivia. Its eastern border are the Blue Mountains. Dol Blathanna, the Valley of Flowers, ruled by elven sorceress Enid an Gleanna is located within Aedirn. The capital city of Aedirn is Vengerberg, the home of famous sorceress Yennefer. The king of Aedirn is Demavend.

National emblems[]


Aedirnian coat of arms Aedirnian coat of arms used in The Witcher 2

First coat of arms were designed basing on the work of our resident heraldry and Witcher expert Mboro, based on the description in the novels.

Known Aedirnians[]


Royal family:


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Main cities and keeps[]


In The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings[]

Journal entry[]

Aedirn Aedirn
This realm is bordered by Kaedwen to the north, Redania to the northwest, Temeria and the massif of the Mahakam Mountains to the west, and Lyria to the south. The Blue Mountains line its eastern frontier. Aedirn's coat of arms is a golden-red chevron on a black field, and its capital is Vengerberg. Not long ago the country nearly disappeared when Nilfgaard occupied its southern territories and its northern neighbor and supposed ally, Kaedwen, treacherously annexed Upper Aedirn. Though the invaders were defeated and Kaedwen withdrew from Aedirn's northern lands, the kingdom's fate still hangs by a thread. The country has been ravaged by peasant revolts and its central government seems ever unsteady.
The part of Aedirn that lies between the Pontar and Dyphne rivers is called Lormark or Upper Aedirn, depending on the interested party's political persuasion. These lands have been disputed for ages, with Kaedwen laying claim to them as well. During the last war with Nilfgaard, Aedirn found itself in deep trouble, fighting an uneven battle to repel the onslaught of the Black Ones in the south. Sensing that its southern neighbor would ultimately bow to the invaders, Kaedwen, Aedirn's ostensible ally in that conflict, sent its armies into Lormark, annexing the region. Several days later Margrave Mansfeld of Ard Carraigh and Marshal Menno Coehoorn, commander-in-chief of the Nilfgaardian army, greeted each other on a bridge spanning the Dyphne River. They shook hands over the bleeding, tortured corpse of the Kingdom of Aedirn, sealing – let us not mince words – a criminal partitioning of plundered lands. And even though Kaedwen restored Lormark to Aedirn after the war, its taking of the territory with Nilfgaardian support was one of the most disgraceful acts in history – though I venture to say it was probably not the only or last act of its kind.