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Gwent card art by Lorenzo Mastroianni
White Rose of Shaerrawedd
Physical Description

More than two hundred years before the events in Blood of Elves, Aelirenn, also known as the White Rose of Shaerrawedd and as Elirena among dwarves and humans, led a great number elven youth to their deaths, against the wishes of the elders, in a second battle against the humans.

Her image survives, carved in the stone of Shaerrawedd.

In The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings[]

A book entitled "The Life and Death of the White Rose" tells her tale, and adds a glossary entry.

Glossary entry[]

The story of the one known as the White Rose of Shaerrawedd is both sad and tragic. Over two hundred years ago Aelirenn led elven youth into a hopeless fight against humans. This heroic dash could end in only one way. They died for freedom, for stone and marble of their cities... and for Aelirenn. Just as she promised, they died with dignity, heroism, honor, yet elves could not raise again after that defeat. However she remains a symbol of fighting for freedom to this day, and elven insurgents go to battle with her name on their lips.

In The Witcher computer game[]

  • If one chooses to attack the Scoia'tael, one of their 'battle cries' is "Aelirenn!"
  • Yaevinn relates the tale of Aelirenn to Geralt as part of his explanation of his motives while in the basement of the bank during Gold Rush.