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Aen Saevherne are elves who, in addition to possessing magic skills, also possess a vast knowledge of many subjects, most notably the genealogy of elder blood. The sages also exhibit prophetic or oracular powers. Over the years people simplified the term, referring to them instead as "sages" or "elven mages", but this is not entirely accurate. Francesca Findabair, who sat in the Chapter, was an elf and a mage but not one of the Aen Saevherne.

For many, they are more legend than fact. Few, even among the elves, can boast of close contact with the Aen Saevherne.

Known Aen Saevherne[]

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[]

Elven Sages entry[]

Many think "Aen Saevherne" - meaning Sage - is simply the Elder Speech term for sorcerer. Yet to equate a Sage with a common practitioner of magic is akin to considering a newly-drafter private, hay sticking out of his breeches, a witcher's equal simply because both wield swords.
A Sage wields magic, true, and does so with greater skillt han even the most accomplished of human mages. The great renown and regard in which they are held, however, comes not from this skill but from the other, truly rare abilities they possess.
Nothing is secret for an elven Sage. They see both past and future as easily as the present. They have mastery over all the arcane of magic as well as every domain of scholarship. They are the only ones who understand the nature and operation of the so-called Elder Blood and the gene of Lara Dorren - and they guard this knowledge jealously.
How numerous are the eleven Sages? In all my life I have met only one, Ida Emean of the Blue Mountains. She might possibly be the last representative of this mysterious caste. It is true that I have encountered mention a male elf who might also belong to it, but as of this writing I have been unable to confirm this.