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Ain Soph Aur
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Ain Soph Aur
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A mystic treatise by an unknown author, devoted to the ten Sephirot. Written long before humans colonized the world, it was reclaimed with great effort and translated faithfully from gnomish.

The book, Ain Soph Aur, is a quest item and provides information on the Mage's tower in the Swamp. It is requested, along with The Secret Gates, by Kalkstein as part of A Mysterious Tower as the two books hopefully contain some information on how to open the tower.

This is a quest item, and as such it can not be sold.


Ain Soph Aur
"Ten wordly elements, ten corner stones. All emerged from these ten. Seeker, lift your eyes, search your past and you shall find.
He who knows your course holds Wisdom and will share it when asked.
Another has gained uncountable riches, yet has Compassion in his heart.
Your heart, in turn, does not harbor Love, but it is with one who knows mercy, one able to love.
Once blind, now plunge into your mind, your memory. Dark and dangerous is the path from enslavement to the promised Kingdom.
A goddess thrice over — Virgin, Mother, Old Woman. Three faces, three graces: Understanding, Power, Glory. Achievable through sacrifice and prayer.
The Foundation lies in the deep. Be not tempted by the errant fires. Defeat death and you will be rewarded.
Victory is gained only by fighting its sentry.
He who leads through labyrinthine mysteries will offer you the Crown of consciousness.
At your path's end, Awareness will be yours, you will comprehend. What is locked will open before you.
The ten names are: Wisdom — Chocc'mah, Understanding — Veen'ah, Love — Kezath, Compassion — Tipperath, Power — Ghe'vrath, Victory — Neh'tza, Glory — 'Oth, Foundation — Y'esath, Kingdom — Maal'kad, Crown — Keth'aar."

Journal entries[]

Location: Mage's tower

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  • The book is requested by Kalkstein as background material to help open the Mage's tower in the swamp.
  • The literal meaning of the name is "The Light of The Infinite" and the phrase is properly constructed as "Ohr Ein Sof" (in the game the order is reversed).
  • Ein Sof is understood as infinite divinity. "Ein Sof" is the divine origin of all created existence: this is in contrast to the "Ein" (or Ayn), which is infinite. The ten Sephirot are aspects of the divine.