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Annales seu Cronicae Incliti Regni Temeriae

Annales seu Cronicae Incliti Regni Temeriae, which roughly translates to "Annals or Chronicles of the famous Kingdom of Temeria", is a tome written by The Venerable Jarre of Ellander the Elder sometime after the war with Nilfgaard.


Close by that field where the fierce battle took place, where almost the whole force of the North clashed with almost the entire might of the Nilfgaardian invader, were two fishing villages. Old Bottoms and Brenna. Because, however, Brenna was burned down to the ground at that time, it caught on at first to call it the 'Battle of Old Bottoms'. Today, nonetheless, no one says anything other than the 'Battle of Brenna', and there are two reasons for that. Primo, after being rebuilt Brenna is today a large and prosperous settlement, while Old Bottoms did not resist the ravages of time and all trace of it was covered over by nettles, couch grass and burdock. Secundo, somehow that name did not befit that famous, memorable and, at the same time, tragic battle. For, just ask yourself: here was a battle in which more than thirty thousand men laid down their lives, and if Bottoms was not enough, they had to be Old as well.     Thus in all the historical and military literature it became customary only to write the Battle of Brenna — both the North, and in Nilfgaardian sources, of which, nota bene, there are many more than ours.
— pg(s). 285, The Lady of the Lake (UK edition)