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Tw3 journal arachnomorph.png
Bloodrot Pit
Vulnerable to
Insectoid oils
Spits webbing which temporarily immobilizes its prey
Monster blood
Monster hair
Monster heart
Monster saliva
Monster tooth
Chitinous shell
Venom extract

In addition to the spiders themselves, there are sometimes nests nearby. These contain extra loot once destroyed.

Associated quests[]

Bestiary entry[]

The spider shall never lie down with the fly.
– Ofieri proverb
A similar saying could gain ground in our land concerning arachnomorphs and everything unable to flee them – meaning most every creature in the world. True, the tillers of the earth and fellers of trees need not fear them in their daily labors, for arachnomorphs, as distant, post-Conjunction cousins of common spiders, strongly prefer deep, dark caves and unfrequented sodden swamps. Anyone who does come across them, however, had best hope his conscience is clear and his worldly affairs are in order, for his life shall soon end, as not even the fastest man in the world can outrun them and only a few witchers can hope to slay them. Even worse are the more aggressive and dangerous kind known as arachnomorph colossi, which are capable of devouring an entire ox in seconds.
Killing an arachnomorph is no easy task, but there are two approaches which stand a chance of succeeding. Due to the astonishing speed with which an arachnomorphs can move, there is no point in chasing it – better instead to choose an advantageous position and wait for it to strike. The beast will most often try a surprise attack, throwing at its prey a web which will leave the entangled victim barely able to counter blows, let alone strike ones of its own. One should thus strive to attack an arachnomorph when steps back to start weaving its web, seizing this moment of vulnerability before it is too late.
Arachnomorphs suffer the effects of most witcher Signs: they can be stunned with Aard or trapped with Yrden, and the Axii Sign can also be used to momentarily neutralize them. A wise tactic is to attack them with a crossbow or bombs and coat one’s blade with insectoid oil.
One must be exceedingly careful when fighting an arachnomorph colossus – such a beast needs no time to weave a new web, having within its sacs a virtually limitless supply of silk. It can also jump great distances to pin its victim to the ground. Only the Yrden Sign can hope to slow it.