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Arcsea, labelled the Arc Coast on the first game map

Arcsea is a region on the Gulf of Praxeda, forming the northern Redanian coast. It runs from Redania, through the region of Yamurlak to Creyden.

As a part of the East March it was subject to the rule of kings of Kovir and Poviss and margraves from House of Thyssen residing in Hengfors. After the secession of Povis and subsequent political events, it formed a part of King Audoen's state. Finally, Arcsea became a part of the Redanian kingdom.

I escaped from Angren, and hid here in Arcsea, in Blaviken.
— pg(s). 89, "The Lesser Evil", in the collection The Last Wish (US edition)

Heraldry[ | ]

Realm's coat of armAudoen coat of arms

The coat of arms for Arcsea is never actually described in the books, comics or games. The first of the coat of arms shown above was designed by Juraj103, created by Smiki55 and belongs to the duchy/region it self, second was created by Mboro and belongs to the self-styled king Audoen, both are unofficial.

Notable Arcseans[ | ]


  • King Sambuk
  • King Audoen (self-styled)
  • Unknown Duke
  • Helena Lange-Haare


  • Hieronymus Ussar
  • Joan of the Arc Coast

Cities, towns and keeps[ | ]

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[ | ]

Helena Lange-Haare, heiress to the duchy of Arcsea and souzeraine of Gelibol is mentioned in the The knight Chalimir's letter and arrest warrant for the witcher Gerd.

Notes[ | ]

On the original game map, the area is labelled as Arc Coast.