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Aridea z Zwierciadłem Nehaleni

Aridea with Nehalenia's Mirror

Aridea was Fredefalk of Creyden's second wife and step-mother to Renfri; she is mentioned in the short story The Lesser Evil. She was determined to be rid of Renfri, even going so far as to hire a huntsman to take the girl into the forest and kill her. She later allied herself with Stregobor to track down Renfri. While Stregobor respects Aridea, Renfri see's her a stereotypical 'evil stepmother' as if in a fairy tale. This is expanded on by the fact that she was known to possess one of Nehalenia's Mirrors. She died of poisoning, either on Renfri's orders, or Fredefalk's, as Renfri believes Fredefalk later found himself a younger mistress.

"The wife of Fredefalk, the Prince of Creyden, was Aridea, a wise, educated, woman. She had many exceptional adepts of the magical arts in her family(...)"
— pg(s). 86, "The Lesser Evil", in the collection The Last Wish (UK edition)