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Ars Magica

The Ars Magica is a scholarly multi-volume treatise on all things magical. The prohibita is an excerpt from it. The work cites many other famous authors, including Geoffrey Monck, Immanuel Benavent, Nina Fioravanti and Ransant Alvaro.


The Lara Portal, also known as Benavent's Portal, after its discoverer. Located on the Isle of Thanedd, on the uppermost floor of the Tower of Gulls. A fixed portal, periodically active. Principles of functioning: unknown. Destination: unknown, but probably skewed, owing to damage. Numerous forks or dispersions possible.

Important information: a chaotic and lethally dangerous portal. All experimentation categorically forbidden. Magic may not be used in the Tower of Gulls or in close proximity to it, particularly not teleportation magic. In exceptional cases, the Chapter will examine applications for permission to enter Tor Lara and for inspections of the portal. Applications should be supported by evidence of research work already in progress and of specialisation in the subject area.

Bibliography: Geoffrey Monck, The Magic of Elder Folk; Immanuel Benavent, The Portal of Tor Lara; Nina Fioravanti, The Theory and Practice of Teleportation; Ransant Alvaro, The Gates of Mystery.

Prohibita (list of banned artefacts),
Ars Magica, Edition LVIII
— pg(s). 151, Time of Contempt (UK edition)

The book is humbug from beginning to end. The ruins by Tarn Mira Lake have been examined by many and oft. They are not magical; contrary to the enunciations of B. Backhuysen they cannot thus be the remains of the legendary Tower of the Swallow. Ars Magica, XIV edition
— pg(s). 301, The Tower of the Swallow (UK edition)