Arthach Palace Ruins

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Hanse base Arthach Palace Ruins
Arthach Palace Ruins
Blood and Wine
North of Coronata Vineyard, northwest of Trading Post, Vedette Valley
Fast-travel point Signal fire Blacksmith (Arthach Palace Ruins) Grindstone Armorer's table

Fast-travel point Arthach Palace Ruins is a Hanse base in the Blood and Wine expansion. The signal fire is located on the north side of ruins and is accessible from the east entrance.

Map description[edit | edit source]

The experimental attempts to manage the waters of the Sansretour Marsh carried out by Duke Adam of Nazair did not prove very successful – to put it lightly. They flooded a great number of villages, private estates and even Arthach, an elven summer palace. These experiments were what gave the Sansretour Marsh its current shape and put half of Crane Isle permanently underwater. They also created an unpleasant bog to the north of the city where none can tread in true safety.

Associated quest[edit | edit source]

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