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Aweagnial's letter
Tw3 scroll1.png
Old, tattered letter written in the Elder Speech.
Common item
Blood and Wine
Next to skeleton deep inside the Termes Palace Ruins.
Base price
Price to buy
1 crown(s)
Price to sell
0 weight

This letter is found near 3 crafting diagrams: Diagram: Grandmaster Wolven steel sword, Diagram: Grandmaster Wolven silver sword and Diagram: Grandmaster Wolven gauntlets.

Associated quest[]

Journal entry[]

I, Aweagnial, write this missive to you, elven brother from another time, to ensure memory of our sad fate never perishes.
After many failed attempts, the treacherous Dh’oine finally managed to reach King Divethaf and stick his flesh with steel. The court medics’ healing brews provided no succor and King Divethaf did not last the night. At that moment our morale, which had already suffered a great trial during the weeks-long siege, reached rock-bottom. But were we to allow the body of our leader to fall into the hands of the Dh’oine? Let them put his head on a pike?
The mage Barrfhionn did not have to ponder long. The king’s place is in his family crypt, in Cyttorhak. I was one of the volunteers who carried the body from the palace through underground tunnels.
Yet somehow the Dh’oine picked up our trail and attacked us in the temple. After a short battle, we made a unanimous decision. Barrfhionn shall leave and close the entrance to the crypts behind him. We shall stay behind and place the king in his grave. The mage hesitated a short while, yet knew the palace would fall without his support. He left, swearing he would soon return, once our troops have fought off the Dh’oine with the help of General Saempolinh, whose army should reach us any day now. [rest of letter illegible]