Balin's journal I
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Foreman Balin's journal - the first fragment
Book / Quest item
Found on a corpse in the abandoned mine in Vergen
Price to sell
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Tw2 icon weight.svg 0

This journal is found on a corpse along with Balin's first map and the upper shaft key.

Associated Quest


Foreman Balin's journal - the first fragment
Work is going as planned. It seems our yield will be even greater than anticipated. Moreover, I believe we can squeeze much more from this mine. We'll delve deeper, bring up more wealth and Vergen will regain its past significance.

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  • The Balin's Journal quest item that you can find in the mines is a clear reference to The Lord of the Rings. While exploring the mines of Moria, the Fellowship finds "The Book of Khazad-dùm" written by Balin before he died in Moria, where he was buried.
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