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Battle for Marnadal valley was a battle in first Nilfgaard-Nordling war. The participants were Nilfgaardian and Cintran forces. The defeat of Cintra's forces enabled Nilfgaard to conquer the entire realm. Cintra's army emerged in the valley but it was surrounded by overwhelmingly larger army of Nilfgaard, and was almost completely destroyed. Both Eist Tuirseach and Calanthe, king and queen of Cintra, participated in the battle. Eist was killed but Calanthe gathered the remaining troops under her own banner and broke her way through enemy forces, retreating back to Cintra. According to the Dandelion's recounting, the Cintran army fought bravely and even though the chances of victory were slim, they fought from dawn to dusk.

The next major battle was the Slaughter of Cintra.

'That is true,' nodded Demawend. 'Crach swore bloody vengeance on Nilfgaard. For Eist Tuirseach, killed at Marnadal. And for Calanthe. If we were to strike at the left bank, Crach would back us up with all the might of Skellige. By the gods, this has a chance at success! I back Foltest! Let us not wait, let us strike first, let us liberate Cintra and chase those sons-of-bitches beyond the Amell pass!'
— pg(s). 221, Blood of Elves (UK edition)