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Belhaven is a city in Nazair, a province of Nilfgaard in the Slopes. It lies deep in the mountains at the point where the Nevi valley crosses the Sansretour valley, on the path through the Theodula Pass south of Riedbrune and north of Beauclair. It is surrounded by ore quarries, both underground and open-cast. It is not a particularly affluent city, its primary industry being the export of iron ore to Mag Turga. It was in this area that the Free Slopes movement was born.

In The Tower of the Swallow, Geralt and his hanza passed through Belhaven in their search for Ciri. It was there that Schirrú had instructed the Nightingale gang to ambush and kill the witcher.

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[]

Some items in The Witcher 3 appear to originate from Belhaven: