Belleteyn festivities - maypole dance.
Also called
May Night
May Day
Observed by
humans, elves, halflings, possibly dwarves and gnomes
Cultural, seasonal, magical
The ongoing spring and forthcoming summer; beginning of Blathe savaed.
Feasting, lighting bonfires, electing the May Queen and King, erecting maypoles and decorating homes with May flowers
the night of April 30 into May 1
Related to
Blathe savaed

Belleteyn, sometimes known as "May Night", "May Day" or "Blossoming", takes place on the night of May Eve, the night of April 30 into May 1. This holiday of the elven calendar marks the beginning of the fifth savaed, Blathe.


Fertility festival beginning at dusk on the 30th and continuing until the dawn of the 1st. The traditional time to begin (or end) relationships of a physical nature. Food, drink, dance and love are the order of the evening and night making this celebration a time of many marriages. It is performed choice of the King and Queen of the May, who - adorned in the wreaths - are solemnly ushered onto the stage with birch trunks by last year's "royal couple", and from this height take the patronage of the fest. Maypoles, symbol of life, rebirth of nature and vitality, are erected. Bonfires abound, and revellers are encouraged to jump the flames for luck and their own fertility.


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  1. David French's translation
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