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Bernard Tulle
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Bernard Tulle is a participant of the gwent tournament at the Passiflora in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He plays Geralt in the first round. Purporting to be a mushroom farmer by trade, Tulle attempts to fool the other contestants by stealing the jackpot for himself.

Bernard Tulle only appears during the quest "High Stakes". During the mingling session before the tournament's start, he appears to be a mushroom farmer who has come from out of town to play at the tournament. After barely getting enough money together for an entry fee, he aspires to win the jackpot for himself and his wife Hortensia. By random draw, Tulle is pitted against Geralt in the first round. He plays with a Northern Realms deck led by Foltest: The Steel-Forged. If Geralt wins, Tulle is eliminated, and leaves after congratulating Geralt on a game well-played. If Tulle wins, he advances to the next round, but is eventually eliminated at an undefined point as Sasha wins the tournament.

In either case, while the tournament nears its end with the finalist playing against Count Tybalt, Tulle raids the top floor of the Passiflora where the chest containing the 9000-crown jackpot is being kept. With a melee weapon, he kills the guard tasked with protecting the money, before lowering the chest from an upper balcony on a taut rope. He then transports the loot to a Zerrikanian Spice Company warehouse near the Novigrad Docks protected by a band of hired henchmen. When the tournament concludes, the theft is discovered. If Geralt decides to help Sasha retrieve the jackpot, the two track down Tulle by his distinctive cinnamon scent. At the warehouse, Tulle and his men are all killed.

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