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Bert Brigden was one of Stefan Skellen's adjutants and also a member of the Gemmeran Pacifiers. He and his group were sent in to Claremont along with Harsheim and his men. He met his fate at the hand of Ciri on the frozen surface of Tarn Mira.

'[...] Let me introduce you, gentlemen... Bert Brigden, Ola Harsheim...' 'We know each other well.' Dacre Silifant grasped Ola Harsheim's right hand firmly. 'We put down thet rebellion in Nazair under old Braibant. That was comical, eh, Ola? Eh, comical! The horses were hock-deep in blood! And Mr. Bridgen, if I'm not mistaken, from Gemmera? From the Pacifiers? Ah, there'll be comrades in the squad! I've got a few Pacifiers there.'
— pg(s). 115, The Tower of the Swallow (UK edition)

Meanwhile, the girl pushed off powerfully and flew over the breach, landing so hard the melting ice splashed, and darted after the fleeing Brigden. A moment later a hair-raising scream reached the ears of Tawny Owl, who was hanging onto the edge of the ice floe.    She'd caught up with him.
— pg(s). 426, The Tower of the Swallow (UK edition)