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Main quest
"Beyond Hill and Dale..."
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Main quest
Blood and Wine
Suggested level
Beauclair Palace
Land of a Thousand Fables
If Geralt decides in The Night of Long Fangs to find Syanna.
The Night of Long Fangs
Tesham Mutna

Beyond Hill and Dale... is a main quest in the Blood and Wine expansion. Geralt will get this quest, if he decides to find Syanna and does not follow the quest What Lies Unseen to meet the Unseen Elder.

Journal entry[]

It was painfully clear the audience with the duchess would not be a pleasant one. For Geralt and Regis had failed to establish Dettlaff's whereabouts, though not for lack of trying. Matters, alas, quickly took an even more tragic turn. When Geralt failed to deliver Syanna to the lover betrayed, he fulfilled his threat and sent down upon Beauclair and its environs a plague of horrid beasts. The witcher immediately resumed his efforts to find and confront Dettlaff.
Just as Damien had advised, Regis and Geralt went to the playroom at the Ducal Palace. It seemed a strange choice for a prison, but Anna Henrietta was known to have oft unusual ideas.
The witcher and the vampire searched the room but found no sign of Syanna. They deduced she had to be concealed inside an illusion. The mage Artorius Vigo had created it years earlier, for the ducal daughters when they were but children. It was a fairytale land one could enter through the room…
The Land of a Thousand Fables was an extraordinary place. Now, it was also extraordinarily dangerous. For Artorius Vigo's spell, cast many years earlier, had begun to degenerate, change and grow wild. This was the result of something called magic entropy. The world's fairytale characters had grown unpredictable and aggressive – something the witcher got a taste of soon into his adventure there.
Despite these difficulties, he found Syanna. The witcher and the duchess' sister now shared a goal – both trapped in this magical land, they needed to find the way out. They joined forces. Syanna knew the exit from the Land of a Thousand Fables lay hidden among the clouds overhead. Their first task was to find magic beans that would help them ascend.
A boy named Joss would know where to find the magic beans. Yet Joss – who obsessively cried "Wolf!" – was known by all to be a pathological liar. He proved hard to pin down, for his convoluted clues were the exact opposite of the truth.
By Joss' reckoning the red bean "had not been swallowed," though the one who had not swallowed it was the "most humany human in all the land." The blue bean, on the other hand, "lay out in the open" watched over by "nobody" times three. The yellow bean, in turn, could be found "deep underground," a "bald farm-hand" its guard and keeper.
The witcher and Syanna found all the beans at last. They planted them and climbed the stalk that sprouted into the clouds. High in the sky they spied a castle, then the giant who called it home. "A giant," you might say, then tremble in your boots. But the witcher and his companion defeated it post haste.
As Regis later told it, Syanna and Geralt seemed sheepish upon returning to our world. What's more, the witcher's leggings were laced up all wrong. I leave it to you, readers, to divine the cause of this state of affairs.
Geralt and Syanna finally left the Land of a Thousand Fables. Meanwhile in the city, the massacre had raged unchecked. Yet Syanna had returned, so hope burned anew. If Dettlaff and his former lover could be made to meet, the vampires' rampage in the city could come to an end.


  • Meet Regis at the palace.
  • Search the playroom to find out what happened to Syanna.
  • Find the book "The Land of a Thousand Fables."
  • Follow the yellow brick road. (250 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level)
  • Defeat the Wicked Witch.
  • Syanna: Just want your beans.
    • Breathe easy…? What's that about? (×)
    • Beans? What beans?
  • Syanna: Why is it you are here?
    • Came to free you. (×)
    • Came to look for my lost childhood.
  • Syanna: "Knights are not so chivalrous when no one's watching."
    • Explains a lot. (×)
    • No excuse for what you did.
  • [Optional] Ride the white unicorn.
  • Find Joss.
  • Save Joss from the wolves.
  • Joss: "Wolves!"
    • Red bean – what happened to it? (×)
    • Know where the blue bean is? (×)
    • Let's talk about the yellow bean. (×)
  • Tricked Joss into "spilling the beans". (500 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level)
  • Visit the three bears. (Magic food ×3)
  • Near "The Musicians of Blaviken" in a chest in the lake: Ole Lukoje's notes.
  • Visit Grand mamma's house. (Magic gold)
    • Find Little Red Riding Hood. (Little Red Riding Hood's hood)
    • Find a way out of the well.
    • Return to Syanna.
    • Syanna wearing the hood: "How do I look?"
      • Not bad, not bad at all. (×) (She briefly smiles.)
      • Don't know much about fashion.
      • So-so.
    • Defeat the Big Bad Wolf.
    • Syanna: Are you really not interested in what happened to me after they cast me out?
      • All right – tell me what happened. (×)
      • You're just less interesting than you think.
  • Go see the three little pigs.
    • Defeat the three little pigs.
    • Search for a magic bean in the brick house. (Blue bean)
    • Syanna: "You actually have a sense of humor."
      • Is that so strange? (×)
      • Stunted, but there.
  • Talk to the girl who sells flint.
  • Talk to Longlocks.
  • Find three magic beans. (3)
  • Return to Syanna. (800 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level)
  • Plant the magic beans.
  • Defeat the giant.
    • Syanna: "You still stand to be quite useful to me."
      • Useful? How? (×)
      • Supposed to get you out of here, so let's go. (××)
    • Syanna: "Treat it as my last wish."
      • [Let her have her way with you.] (×)
        • Syanna: "What so many women in this world feel at times."
          • Hope this tale has a happy ending. (×)
          • Let's just go.
      • Some other time, maybe.
  • Follow Syanna.
    • Follow the pixie light to collect: Gesheft
  • Jump into the well.
  • Regis: "Would you prefer I treated you like the lying manipulator you are?"
    • Regis, calm down. (×)
    • Both of you, stop.
    • Syanna, don't start a fight you can't win. (××)
  • Leaving to meet up with Dettlaff. (800 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level)
  • Story continues in Tesham Mutna.


  • When Syanna and Geralt approach the girl who sells flint, Syanna will recognise her ribbon on the arm of the girl. Geralt now can negotiate with the girl, play a round of Gwent, simply pay her (500 crown(s)) or leave it be.
  • If Syanna gets the ribbon from Geralt, she'll explain, that this should protect her and a spell was put onto the ribbon by Artorius Vigo.
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details about The Ribbon follow.
The possession of the ribbon is important and Syanna will survive the attack by Dettlaff in the main quest's climax. Her survival then still can lead to the death of her and Anna Henrietta, if Geralt makes the wrong choices in the conversation with Syanna.
Significant plot details end here.
  • Killing a pixie will add the bestiary entry Pixies.