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Blade Coating Bases are those various pastes, fats and lards that provide a stable grease able to withstand the addition of alchemical ingredients without losing viscosity. The bases easily spread over the entire length of the weapon, distributing the powerful ingredients evenly for maximum results. Care should be taken, however, not to touch one's eyes or other sensitive body parts until thoroughly washing your hands.

  • Standard quality allows up to 3 ingredients. (This quality of base is not found in the game.)
  • High quality allows up to 4 ingredients.
  • Top quality allows up to 5 ingredients.

Top quality bases[]

Buy Sell
Alchemical paste
Alchemical paste Can usually be purchased from alchemists. 70 oren(s) 14 oren(s)
Bear fat
Bear fat Can usually be purchased from waitresses and blacksmiths. 40 oren(s) 8 oren(s)
Dog tallow
Dog tallow This is a top quality blade coating base, despite information to the contrary. 10 oren(s) 2 oren(s)

High quality bases[]

Buy Sell
Goose fat
Goose fat Found on most Salamandra corpses. 20 oren(s) 4 oren(s)
Suet Fairly ubiquitous 20 oren(s) 4 oren(s)


  • Dog tallow is actually required for a quest: The Dogcatcher of Vizima. It can be found in many places, but Salamandra bodies are a good bet, as is Shani's house, though the exact location within Shani's house varies. Of course, there is always the option to kill the hapless animals under cover of night.
  • All other bases can be purchased from waitresses and blacksmiths.