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Icon disambig.svg This article is about the young boy in San Sebastian. For the old man in Vizima, see Bootblack (Vizima).
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San Sebastian

The bootblack is an enterprising orphan who has found a way to make a living in the poorer district of Beauclair.

Journal entry[]

The young bootblack whose name Geralt never learned was an extremely charming scamp, in that cheeky, lovable rascal, street urchin sort of way. He also demonstrated striking entrepreneurial flair, so much so, in fact, that it got him into trouble at times. Geralt saved him from one such scrape by fending off a group of men intent on giving him a thorough tanning. The bootblack had done his share to deserve this, having spilled his wastewater in front of their shop every day in an attempt to muddy more boots and drive more customers his way.
If Geralt invests in the Bootblack's operation:
Geralt took such a liking to this enterprising little shoeshine boy he decided to invest some coin in his business. He did not have to wait long to see the effects of this investment. The bootblack used these funds to improve his stall and purchase additional equipment. Business was booming!
Geralt’s path crossed that of the bootblack again later on. Once more, the reason had something to do with Dettlaff. The lad was able to tell Geralt and Regis how the letters with the Beast’s victims’ names on them had been delivered to Dettlaff. It can be truly amazing how much useful information one simple child laborer can possess.

Associated quest[]