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Boussy La Valette
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La Valette Castle / Solar
Physical Description
Eye color
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House of La Valette
Maria Louisa La Valette (mother)
Baron La Valette (official father)
Foltest (real father)
Anaïs (sister)
Aryan (half-brother)
Adda the White (half-sister)

Boussy La Valette is the son of Maria Louisa La Valette and brother of Anaïs. Who his father was is not known for sure. Officially, it was the old Baron La Valette, but many rumours persist that he and his sister are in fact King Foltest of Temeria's progeny. If this is true, then both he and his sister are in line for the Temerian throne in Vizima.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

In Chapter II, if Geralt chooses Roche's path, we learn that Boussy was accidentally killed in the attempt to kidnap the siblings, leaving his sister, Anaïs as the sole heir to the throne.

Significant plot details end here.

Associated Quests[]

Journal entry[]

No more than a lad back then, Boussy already displayed the pride and obstinacy typical of the La Valettes. Some, however, attributed these qualities to the fact that King Foltest was his father.
The boy had died in mysterious circumstances, but the significance of this event was clear. Of Baroness La Valette's and King Foltest's two children, only Anaïs remained alive – a young girl born out of wedlock, the sole and highly problematic heir to the Temerian throne.
As Geralt was sailing up the Pontar, Boussy was packed up and placed in a convoy that was to take him to Loc Muinne. The boy never reached the city. The rumors Geralt had heard from King Radovid proved true. Vile intentions had bred a series of unfortunate coincidences. In short, Boussy was dead.