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Secondary quest
"Broken Flowers"
Secondary quest
Suggested level
Corinne Tilly
150 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level per "flower" + 300 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level
Superior racing saddle (for winning the horse race)
Novigrad Dreaming
Fencing Lessons
Count Reuven's Treasure

Broken Flowers is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Journal entry[]

Geralt had learned from the dreamer Corinne Tilly that Ciri contracted me while in Novigrad. He thus made his way to the Rosemary and Thyme, a charming establishment which I had inherited from an admirer of my poetry, for he, quite rationally, expected to find me there. His search for Cici seemed closer to a happy conclusion than ever before.
Alas, fate had raised his hopes only to dash them cruelly back to the ground. Geralt did not find me at my proprietorship. His despair was partially lifted when he came across our old friend, Zoltan Chivay – but the dwarf had just returned from a long journey and knew nothing of my fate or that of Ciri. Concern wrinkling his brown, Zoltan helpled Geralt search every corner of the establishment for clues about where I might be. Other than a few triflings, all they found was a planner containing notes about the women I had met with in the days prior to my disappearance. They divided the names between then and ventured into the city to find the women and ask what they knew.
Geralt conversed with the ladies whose company I had recently graced. Though each had fond memories of these encounters, none knew where I might be now. Geralt gleaned from their stories that there was one person who might know more: a famous and talented trobairitz named Priscilla.
It so happened this ravishing starlet was still in town and performing every night at the Kingfisher Inn. Like it or not, the witcher was in for an evening of fine culture. at the end of which he hoped to take the artist aside for a serious chat.
Priscilla told Geralt about the ruckus I had supposedly raised at Whoreson Junior's headquarters, and that I had been planning to rob treasure from Sigi Reuven, a man better known to Geralt as Sigismund Dijkstra, former head of Redanian intelligence. Geralt now realized I was up the proverbial creek in a leaky boat without a paddle, surrounded by man-eating crocodiles – and he would have to swim to my rescue.


  • Go to the Rosemary and Thyme
  • Help Zoltan chase off the tramps
  • Search the ground floor for clues using your Witcher Senses
  • Read Dandelion's planner

Talk to Vespula[]

When Geralt arrives at Vespula's laundry in Farcorners, he finds her threatened by the thugs of Whoreson Junior, who demand more money for "protection", which Vespula obviously can't pay on time. Geralt interferes, and you have several options:

  • Pay off Vespula's debt (200 crown(s)). This also gives you extra 20 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level.
  • Tell the thugs to get out or tell them Vespula got new protection from you. This ends in a fight.
  • Tell the thugs that Vespula got new protection from King of Beggars.

If you pay off the debt or tell the thugs that Bedlam now protects Vespula, they will leave her alone, to much relieved Vespula's joy. But if you end up killing them, Vespula will still thank you, but will also point out that she lost everything in result, since Junior won't forget what happened and unless she'll close her laundry, he'll shut it down. So she'd need to move to Oxenfurt.

After you get rid of the thugs, talk to Vespula about Dandelion. She explains, that she threw Dandelion out, after he asked her about other washerwomen at the bathhouse, and seeing him with his "niece from Kovir". Despite being quite bitter about his behavior, Vespula asks Geralt to tell Dandelion to drop by.

Talk to Elihal[]

Elihal (who happens to be an elven tailor from Farcorners who likes to dress up in all kind of costumes, and whom Dandelion mistook for a woman, while being blind drunk), tells Geralt, that when they first met, Dandelion was very eager to find Kalkstein. However Geralt himself it too late to find the alchemist, since sadly he recently perished at the stake, but not before sending a fiery message to the sky with insult to Radovid.

Talk to Marabella[]

Marabella who runs School for Tots in The Bits, tells Geralt, that last time she saw Dandelion, he was more interested in perusing "Illustrated guide to fungi" than in herself. He needed information about mold specifically.

Talk to Molly[]

Molly happens to be the maid servant of baroness Maria Louisa La Valette, who resides in her villa in Novigrad. Geralt meets the baroness in the company of Morvran Voorhis. They invite Geralt to races at Vegelbuds Estate, where Molly is also present. If you agree to participate in the race (Morvran joins as well), you have a chance to win a superior racing saddle.

When Geralt finally meets Molly, she tells him that she doesn't know where Dandelion is, as she didn't see him lately, since the baroness doesn't approve of their acquaintance. She points out that may be Dandelion's "sister" (whom she descries as blonde haired young woman) can help find him, and to Geralt's remarks that Dandelion doesn't have a sister, says even so, you can see that he cares for her. She also says, that last time they met, Dandelion borrowed money from her for a barge for the romantic outing, but she hasn't seen him since. She asks Geralt to tell Dandelion to come show her his etchings and is very happy when Geralt agrees.

Talk to Rosa var Attre[]

Rosa can be found in the residence of Nilfgaardian ambassador Henry var Attre in Gildorf. She and her sister Edna are his daughters. To gain access to the residence, you have two options. You either you need to convince the guard captain that you are Rosa's new fencing instructor (then he'll take you straight to her training room), or find a back way through the garden (following the later path you can find one of Rosa's admirers with a love letter for her, dead on a cliff).

If you choose to go through the garden, you'll meet Edna who is excited to meet Dandelion's friend "from the ballads". She handles the alarmed guard captain, pretending to be Rosa, and telling him that you are her new fencing instructor Frederic Francis de Bergerac. She instructs him to lead you to the training room.

Grabbing the training sword, on the way, Geralt meets Rosa. She engages him in a sparring match. Afterwards, they talk about Dandelion, and Rosa says that they hardly had a relationship, since it was more about Dandelion chasing her. Then she demands a rematch, and after sparring again, they are joined by Edna, and Geralt has a chance to ask them more about Dandelion. Edna pokes at her sister's secret crush on the bard, while Rosa keeps denying it, telling her that she wouldn't fall for someone who is constantly praising another woman (whom she explains to be a poetess and trobairitz Dandelion calls Callonetta, who has a "melodious Koviri accent").

During the conversation, Edna also mentions, that Dandelion took them to the cemetery, to visit the graves of celebrated Oxenfurt professors, where Dandelion ended up quizzing them about Margrave Henckel, who was a patron of the arts and died recently.

Before leaving, Rosa asks Geralt to give her more private fencing lessons, which you can accept, and meet her again next day.

Return to Zoltan[]

After talking to all the women, Geralt returns to Zoltan in Rosemary and Thyme to discuss his findings and to hear what Zoltan discovered in turn.


  • The lyrics for Priscilla's song 'The Wolven Storm' can be read in the in-game book Ballads and Hymns