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Brunwich is a small village in eastern Gustfields.

Map description[]

This picturesque little village's beauty makes it a frequent subject of works by bards and poets. The best-known piece whose action is set in Brunwich is "The Betrothing," a farce penned by Stanislas Islas. The reputation thus gained has made it a popular destination for bohemians from Oxenfurt, who escape here during the hottest months to pass the time with contests for the most beautiful feathered cap and hunts for a golden horn held at night in the nearby woods.

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Comparison of Brunwich inn and Rydlówka Manor

Real-life background[]

The village and a wedding in it form the grand Easter egg referencing to 1901 Polish drama Wesele (The Wedding) by Stanisław Wyspiański, which was based on real-life wedding of Wyspiański's friend Lucjan Rydel, member of Polish inteligencja, with Jadwiga Mikołajczykówna, common peasant's daughter. Both the real wedding and the play's premiere were the important cultural events of early 1900s Kraków.

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The village[]

  • Reality: The wedding of Lucjan and Jadwiga took a place in Bronowice Małe, a village near Kraków (currently a part of this city). It had been a popular place for meetings of the young members of Krakowian artistic society since the 1890 marriage of Włodzimierz Tetmajer, painter and Polish independence activist, with Anna Mikołajczykówna (sister of Jadwiga). Włodzimierz's estate, later known as Rydlówka Manor (currently a museum), was the place where ten years later the wedding was held. The village became even more popular after the premiere of drama The Wedding.
  • Witcherverse: Both names of the village used in the editions of the game, Brunwich and Bronovitz (in the Polish edition), resembles the original Bronowice. The Brunwich/Bronovitz is also a place of rest for Oxenfurt scholars as Bronowice was for the Kraków's ones and Stanislas Islas' The Betrothing clearly refers to Stanisław Wyspiański's The Wedding.[1]

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  1. 'Stanislas' name is French version of Polish 'Stanisław' while Polish 'wyspy' (origin of 'Wyspiański' surname) and Spanish "islas" means "islands" in English.