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Campfires and fireplaces are found scattered about the landscape in The Witcher. They provide convenient and free places for Geralt to rest and also indulge in a little alchemy. Most of these look the same, but some are a bit different. For example, some areas look more like roasting pits but still can be used the same way. Of course the reverse is also true, especially with fireplaces, most fireplaces are not "usable", but some are. Holding down the Alt-key will reveal any usable fire sources, along with anything else that is "click-able" in the area.

Prologue Chapter I Chapter II Chapter III Chapter IV Chapter V Epilogue


Fires that are already lit: When Geralt first enters an area, you will notice that all available campfires are lit. This is very handy in finding them (as are the maps). On subsequent visits, these fire sources are not generally lit.

Safe areas:

  • Make sure you have flint (you can not use Igni)
  • Left-click on a campfire or fireplace to ignite the fire with flint and enter meditation mode.

Dangerous areas / times of day:

  • Make sure you have flint or can cast Igni.
  • Left-click on a campfire or fireplace to ignite the fire with flint and enter meditation mode, or right-click to use Igni and then left-click to enter meditation mode.


Campfire locations[]

Prologue Prologue[]

  • There are no campfires in the Prologue, but there is a fireplace which can be accessed from either the kitchen or the dining hall.

Chapter I Chapter I[]

  • two inside the Inn palisades
  • near the abandoned huts east of the Merchant's bridge
  • outside the crypt
  • outside the echinops cave
  • inside the southern cave
  • two inside the Salamandra hideout

Chapter II Chapter II[]

  • outside the Hairy Bear Inn
  • the beach (the are west of the ferry landing on the Dike)
  • landing in the swamp
  • brickmakers' village
  • three in the non-human camp
  • outside the Druids' Grove
  • two in the Lumberjacks' Glade
  • outside the swamp cave
  • near the bodies of the hunter and the girl (north part of the swamp, not far from Wyvern Island)
  • several in the sewers

Chapter III Chapter III[]

  • same as in Chapter II

Chapter IV Chapter IV[]

  • two outside the elven cave, one inside
  • Murky Waters village
  • landing
  • by the Circle of Elements near the naiad
  • Berengar's campfire, off the road from the landing to the village
  • four on Black Tern Island, counting the campfire on the tiny island where the boat lands

Chapter V Chapter V[]

  • many in the refugee caves
  • north-east side of Cemetery Island (outside the cemetery itself)
  • under the old bridge in the swampy part of the Old Manor (near the corpse)
  • ruined village
  • two in the catacombs (one by the Scoia'tael entrance and one by the Order entrance)

Epilogue Epilogue[]

  • almost every house that Geralt enters has a campfire burning inside (and usually one on each floor)
  • sewers, outside the zeugl's lair
  • the Cloister antechamber