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Captain Augustus Fierabras' report
Tw3 scroll1.png
Item needed to complete a quest.
Quest items / Books
Common item
Blood and Wine
In a wooden crate at Fort Ussar Ruins.
Base price
Price to buy
1 crown(s)
Price to sell
1 crown(s)
0 weight

This report is found along with the following crafting diagrams: Diagram: Grandmaster Griffin steel sword, Diagram: Grandmaster Griffin gauntlets and Diagram: Grandmaster Griffin boots (or their legendary equivalents in New Game+).

Associated quest[]

Journal entry[]

The witcher I summoned reached Ussar on the 12th of September. He made a favorable impression. I had expected a cold killer, yet found myself speaking with someone who could easily be mistaken for a normal man – if not for his expansive knowledge concerning the habits of monsters, the two swords on his back and the griffin-head medallion on his chest. Jerome, as he was called, asked me a great many questions about the beast seen near Mont Crane castle. Based on my responses he concluded the monster in question was a leshen.
During our next conversation the witcher expressed his astonishment at being offered such a high reward, and one paid in advance, before he even arrived in Toussaint. I had taken a liking to the fellow and wanted to be honest with him. Despite the vow I had sworn, I revealed his pay came entirely from a certain Moreau, a mage, who had decided to use this gift to thank our community for a warm welcome.
When Jerome heard the mage’s name, he first went pale, then flew into a rage. He shouted, and I quote: “Gonna give that old bastard a piece of my mind!”, then ran to the stables, mounted his steed and rode off, leaving the greater part of his possessions behind. He was seen on the road to Mont Crane, but then disappeared, like a rock thrown in deep water. Master Moreau claims he never saw the witcher.