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Gonna test out my page creating skills here first, before moving it over as a regular article Duskey 20:06, February 16, 2010 (UTC)

A day in The Witcher has 24 hours. There are no specific days or months and no time limit to complete the game in, so you can enjoy the game in your own pace. You can progresss time faster by meditating. This has no effect on the game and you can mostly do this freely without missing any oppertunities. Below is a list of quests which needs to be done at a specific time or within a time period.

The only quests which can fail due to time is A Long Way from Home Icon Act II.png (Must be done before leaving for Vizima)

Quests which can be only be progressed at a certain time[]

Note that this list is not complete

Act Quest Step Start time End time Note
Icon Act I.png
She's No Early Bird (See note) None (See note) 7 PM / 19:00 11 PM / 23:00 Not part of the actual quest.
Icon Act III.png
Lock and Key The Salamandra Hideout 12 AM / 00:00 Unknown
Icon Act IV.png
The Heat of the Day The Noonwraith
The Mirror
A Mirror for the Noonwraith
The dead can hear a ballad
6 AM / 06:00
6 AM / 06:00
6 AM / 06:00
7 PM / 19:00
12 AM / 00:00
12 AM / 00:00
12 AM / 00:00
12 AM / 00:00

Only available if you sided with Abigail in Act I

If you wish to help, please add the times for the Unknowns if you know them.


  • The sun rises at 7 AM / 07:00.
  • The sun seems to set around 7 PM / 19:00.
  • In daytime, cities and the Outskirts are safe, but at night there are monsters about.
  • You cannot pull your sword to run faster, nor can you use the Igni sign to light a campfire at daytime in the cities.
  • Technically these restrictions apply to all locations / times that are marked as Safe, in the top-right of the the HUD.

Name of the page[]

Might i suggest "quest timing" rather than time .. "time" is simply too non-specific. "Timing of quests" would also be an improvement — Game widow 20:53, February 16, 2010 (UTC)

That does sound better. Time was simply something to get me started. I'm wondering about the usefulness of this page though. Maybe it would be better to create a new category "Quests with timing" or mark the quests in that. I believe most individual quests have notes on when and where they can be progressed.
I WOULD however like to add a small page about the 24 hour cycle in the game since it doesn't really say anywhere when sunrise and sunset is for example. Duskey 16:20, February 17, 2010 (UTC)
There is a page for the Day and night cycle, but feel free to add the exact times in there. Also, i would prefer "Time sensitive quests" since i've used that term in a few places now ;) ... but feel free to create a page to that effect and i think the "The Witcher quests" category is a fine place for it, i'll make it file at the top. I can also add a quick link to it on main quests page i can use a little clock icon (or a stopwatch) — Game widow 21:44, February 17, 2010 (UTC)
Time sensitive quests sounds good and I really think it should be a category for quests. I'll add my info to the day/night cycle. I've added two pages to the category now, but the category say it's empty. I think I made abit of a hash of it. Duskey 04:25, February 20, 2010 (UTC)
I noticed that the category said it was empty, but when i opened the 2 quest pages in edit mode and saved them again, it "took", so now they appear in that category. Not sure what went wrong, but i see nothing in particular that you did incorrectly. it could simply be a glitch, there were some strange problems on wikia yesterday. — Game widow 11:03, February 20, 2010 (UTC)


  • It might be interesting to mention what the time scale is between the in-game time and our real-world time. I think 1 minute in-game is about 2 seconds in the real world. Meaning half an hour in-game would be 1 minute in the real world. Have not tested this exactly, yet. — AEon 11:03, June 4, 2010 (UTC)
  • It might also be interesting to mention that the "clock" (top-right in HUD) only shows the in-game time in steps of 30 minutes. — AEon 11:03, June 4, 2010 (UTC)