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Celina is Tobias Hoffman's elder daughter. She is jealous of her little sister Alina, who is getting married to Julian, a wealthy merchant from Kovir.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

Before the wedding, Celina tries to get revenge on her sister by "having" the witcher, whom she feels her sister would naturally snatch from her. She tells Geralt that she will have him on the nearest rock and demands a ring, "as nice as Alina's" for this tryst.

Celina ultimately meets a tragic end at the hands of Adam, her sister's lover (not her sister's fiancé!), ending up cursed to be a nightwraith. She argues about Julian with Alina and the argument spirals into manslaughter as Celina pushes her sister who hits her head on a rock as she falls and is killed. Adam is overcome with grief and anger when he learns of this and kills Celina to avenge his beloved.

Poor Alina also returns, as a noonwraith, due to the circumstances of her death at the hands her sister. If only their love for each other was as great as their love of themselves, one wonders if this tale may have had a different ending...

As a nightwraith, she roams the Fields at night until her spirit can be put to rest. Geralt can encounter her in that form several times, if he also wanders the fields at night. Each time, she laments her fate:

It was an accident! I had no wish to kill but my anger bested me.
I fear the night, I always have... woe is me!
All I wanted was love... She had only disdain for him, scorning his feelings. I never would have done so...

Then she attacks and must be killed. This continues to happen until her spirit is allowed to move on, which can not happen without the Wreath of Immortelles, which Geralt can get in return for completing a quest for the Hermit.

Having been set free, she disappears. She does return, however, depending on choices made by Geralt regarding his path. If he chooses the Witcher / neutral path, she appears, still as a nightwraith, to help him (or possibly fight him) in the Ice Plains.

Associated quests[]

Journal entry[]

Seems like Tobias Hoffman's elder daughter is jealous of her little sister Alina, who is getting married…


  • Although Celina suggests that the ring she wants must be expensive — she described Alina's as having a diamond as large as a pigeon's egg — she will accept any old ring, even the lowly silver ring.
  • Despite giving her the Wreath of Immortelles and having her say that it does set her free, any further conversation about her suggests that nothing could be done.



Significant plot details end here.