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The most powerful of all necrophages, the true king of the necropolis. A cemetaur spells certain death to anyone but a witcher. This is a well-known fact among grave robbers and all who live near battlefields.

In The Witcher computer game[]

Bestiary Cemetaur full.png
Cemetaurs are rare, they are found on battlefields and cemeteries just like other necrophages
They are immune to common poisons, resistant to knockdown and stun attempts
Sensitive to silver and Necrophage Oil
Cemetaurs try to knock down their victims and eat them alive. This provides an ideal opportunity to use the Black Blood potion
Cemetaur jaw
White vinegar
Abomination lymph

Journal Bestiary Entry[]

"Much has been written about ghouls and graveirs, since they are encountered by common people in times of war or in cemeteries. Cemetaurs are rare, but when they appear in a necropolis, they take it over. All ghouls respect them and must bow to them."



  • In Chapter IV, Geralt can speak with a "Peasant" in Murky Waters (using this model and normally found at the Inn) about Cemetaurs. The conversation does unlock Cemetaurs and their alchemies in the journal.
  • In Chapter V, in Old Vizima after the fighting has stopped, a female "Refugee" (who looks like Grandma) will sometimes ask Geralt for food. In exchange, she will tell him a tale of Cemetaurs.
  • The Tome of Fear and Loathing, volume II
  • Physiologus


  • Cemetaur remains will not contain their jaws without this bestiary entry.

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