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Queen of Skellige Isles (optionally)
Flag Skellige.png
Eye color
Hair color
Reddish brown
Ard Skellig
Crach an Craite (father)
Clan an Craite
Hjalmar an Craite (brother)

Cerys an Craite (also called "Sparrowhawk") is the daughter of Crach an Craite and the sister of Hjalmar. In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Geralt can help either Hjalmar or Cerys to become the new king/queen of Skellige during a quest line.

The young woman is a courageous islander like her father and also has inherited all his stubbornness. She is very self-confident and always up to prove that she can fulfill any task as well as any man.

She embarks on the quest "Possession", and sails to Spikeroog to free Jarl Udalryk from a curse to demonstrate her worthiness as ruler.

She is also a possible ally uring the quest "Brothers in Arms: Skellige", if her brother Hjalmar becomes king, otherwise, she becomes queen and Hjalmar, the ally.

If she becomes queen, Skellige prospers peacefully under her guidance.

Journal entry[]

While in Skellige Geralt finally had the chance to meet Cerys an Craite, the younger of Crach's two children. Known as Sparrowhawk to her friends, she was as fierce and swift as this name would indicate.
Cerys was an islander through and through and the spitting image of her father, having inherited all his courage, resolve and stubbornness. Dauntlessly she sought to prove at every turn that there was no task she could not fulfill as well as – or better than – any man in the islands, including her older brother Hjalmar.
Though Cerys' decision to stake a claim to Skellige's throne came as a shock to everyone else, she had thought it over quite thoroughly beforehand. Striving as always to outdo her brother, she intended to perform a great deed that would earn her widespread recognition and respect.
That is why she had sailed to Spikeroog to free Jarl Udalryk from the strange affliction that seemed to curse him.
Cerys did what she set out to do - with the witcher's help she freed clan Brokvar's leader from the wraith that had tormented him for years.
If Cerys becomes queen:
Once again Sparrowhawk gave proof of her cunning, this time by unmasking Birna's plot and cleansing the shame from her clan's name after the infamous "bloody banquet" at Kaer Trolde.
All these feats convinced the Skelligers that Cerys was fit to be queen. Though it was clear it would take some time before the young ruler could step entirely out of her father and brother's shadow, the greater part of the islanders were pleased and proud with their choice of ruler.
If Hjalmar becomes king:
Cerys accepted her defeat in her race for the crown against her brother Hjalmar with dignity. She also made it clear beyond all doubt that the new leader of Skellige had her full support.
If Svanrige becomes king:
Sadly Crach's daughter died alongside her brother during a failed attack on the Nilfgaardian fleet. The inhabitants of Skellige long mourned the brave Sparrowhawk's premature death.

Associated quests[]