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In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[ | ]

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Character OLD RGB

Basic Character panel (before Mutations)

Similarly to the previous games, Geralt earns one talent point to apply to his abilities whenever his XP adds up to a new level.

In The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings[ | ]

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TW2 skill tree

The Witcher 2 skill tree

Similarly to the original game, Geralt earns talent points whenever XP adds up to a new level.

Some of these skills can be enhanced further with mutagens.

Considerations[ | ]

  • The game has a level cap of 35; since you start at level 1, you will find yourself with 34 talent points at the end of the game.
  • You must spend six talent points in the Training path to unlock the other three paths.
  • The major paths (Alchemy, Magic and Swordsmanship) each have 15 talents and each talent has two levels of mastery.
  • Therefore, even spending as much as possible in a single major path, you will either miss one talent or leave two half-mastered. Only the Training path may be fully mastered, barring an expansion or mod.

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In The Witcher computer game[ | ]

Bronze talent Silver talent Gold talent

In The Witcher, the player character, Geralt, advances or develops as accumulated experience points earn him talents which can be allocated to various attributes. There are four main attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina and Intelligence. These four in turn allow advancement of skills like signs and the mastery of steel and silver swords. The Hero panel displays each attribute and ability in the Attribute tree.

Progress through the game (as represented by experience points/levels and the consumption of unique potions) earns talent points of the Bronze (attribute levels I-II), Silver (levels III-IV) and/or Gold (level V) varieties. These talents are used to improve Geralt's abilities, which include:

Attributes Signs Steel Sword Silver Sword
Strength (tree)
Dexterity (tree)
Stamina (tree)
Intelligence (tree)
Aard (tree)
Igni (tree)
Quen (tree)
Axii (tree)
Yrden (tree)
Strong Steel (tree)
Fast Steel (tree)
Group Steel (tree)
Strong Silver (tree)
Fast Silver (tree)
Group Silver (tree)

Mechanics[ | ]

Character development panel
  • Select the category you would like to enhance from the list on the left side of the Hero screen, then choose from among the highlighted enhancements in the tree on the right side of the panel.
  • To commit your choices, left-click on the hourglass. As long as you do not meditate, you can still change your mind about the allocation of talents. To cancel and start over, left-click on the Erase icon, or right-click on an allocated (but uncommitted) talent to free it up again.

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