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Icon disambig This article is about the elf named Chireadan. For the character from the movie and TV series, see Chireadan (witcher).
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Chireadan in "The Witcher"
Tavern owner / Guerilla fighter
Aen Seidhe
Flag Redania
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Errdil (cousin)

Chireadan is an elf from the Redanian city of Rinde, a tavern owner, and a cousin of Errdil. He was in love with Yennefer and a witness to Yennefer's fight with the Djinn in Rinde (in "The Last Wish"). This infamous fight was actually the ruin of Errdil's tavern. His love for Yennefer is considered unusual as elves do not normally consider human females as attractive as their elven counterparts. He was also counted among the guests at Geralt and Yennefer's wedding in the non-canon short story Coś się kończy, coś się zaczyna (Something ends, Something begins).

In The Witcher computer game[ | ]

In Chapter IV, at the Lakeside, Chireadan, an elf among Toruviel's ragtag group recognizes Geralt. It seems he knows the witcher from somewhere before, but of course Geralt has no memory of him. This previous encounter, which is not described in any further detail, is a reference to the "The Last Wish".

He is also a sharper, and thus one of the available dice players. He can be found any time, day or night to play. During the day, he is typically sitting at one of the two campfires nearest the Elven Cave. At night, he will be sleeping in the cave, but does not complain at all about being woken up just for a game.

Conversation alluding to "The Last Wish":

Chireadan Geralt? I'm not surprised to see you. It's me, Chireadan. Recognize me?
Geralt Chireadan?
Chireadan Apparently not. You were busy.
Geralt It's been some time.
Chireadan True, Geralt. And see what's come of it? A mess, not assimilation. You work hard, you pay the taxes, then come the pogroms. You flee as they torch your tavern.
Geralt Hard times.
Chireadan Good you're here.

If Geralt continues, and asks why Chireadan's there, the following exchange takes place.

Chireadan Same as the rest. Eating berries and dreaming of my place on earth.
Geralt Try doing something else. Guerrilla warfare can be dangerous.
Chireadan I've survived that. Humans prevented me from living as I wished to. Disdainful times. More bad luck around the corner.

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