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A Circle of Power Activated Circle of Power

Circles of Power give Geralt a buff for 5 minutes and are stackable up to all 5 circles. They appear as a faint shimmer when they are not activated by the medallion, and show up as bright red aura after being activated by the medallion, using the Z key. The Witcher medallion glows and emits a distinct sound when Geralt is within the Circles of Power.

Circle Name Symbol Effect
Endurance Shield Armor +20%
Life Cross Vitality regeneration +2 / Vitality regeneration in combat +1
Power Triangle Sign intensity +20%
Vigor Hexagon Vigor regeneration +2 / Vigor regeneration in combat +1
Strength Sword Damage +20%



Chapter I[]

  • one just after going ashore during A Rough Landing, a Circle of Life
  • two more circles on the way to Flotsam, a Circle of Vitality and a Circle of Strength
  • four outside the southern gates of Flotsam (Endurance, Life, Power, and Vitality)
  • three near the Altar of Veyopatis, 2 Circles of Vigor and one Circle of Endurance
  • one northeast of the waterfall, a Circle of Life
  • two near the burned down hospital, a Circle of Power and a Circle of Life

Chapter II[]

  • two in Vergen, at the back on each side fortifications flanking the main city gates, Endurance (SW) and Life (SW)
  • one just outside Vergen, near Mottle and her stall, a Circle of Strength
  • one on the way to the old quarry, a Circle of Vigor
  • one in the quarry, a Circle of Power
  • one near the harpy lair, a Circle of Endurance
  • one outside the dwarven catacombs, a Circle of Strength
  • two flanking the burned village, both Circles of Power
  • one near the arachas in the ravine northeast of the Kaedweni camp, a Circle of Life
  • one north of the Kaedweni camp, along the coast in view of the Nilfgaardian ship, a Circle of Life
  • one southwest of Roche's encampment, by the river, a Circle of Power
  • one in the cave under the Kaedweni camp, a Circle of Power

Chapter III[]

  • two near the gargoyles, a Circle of Life and a Circle of Endurance
  • one just south of the Mighty Numa, a Circle of Strength


  • [Possible bug] Circle of Vigor has the same effect as Circle of Life. While stacking Circle of Life and Circle of Vigor, only one of the effect is being taken into account. Upon expiry of that Circle's effect, the other Circle's effect won't be taken into account despite still being active.
  • There are also Circles of Power to enhance a single sign for 5 minutes. One of these is in Flotsam forests, and enhances the Quen sign. Another one, for Aard Sign is outside Loc Muinne.